• Susan Giles & Steve Taillefer says:

    Scott installed two attic windows for us as part of our renovation of our 1912 attic in 2016. Scott was very knowledgeable about the particulars of an old home such as ours. He was professional, dependable and a very pleasant guy to have around as he worked in our tiny space! We are delighted with the results of his work and would not hesitate to call on him again. We would recommend him to all our friends and neighbours!

  • Lorinda says:

    Every few months Scott arrives to our door and is greeted with a long and varied list. He has hung TV mounts, caulked bathtubs, built a gate, installed child proof hardware. He has an incredible knowledge of so many things. He is thoughtful and kind enough to notice a door that is not closing properly and quickly takes care of it. He is always friendly, prompt, exceedingly skilled and best of all he lets my three young children follow him around as he works through the list and finds ways they can assist him. Whenever he comes I look forward to getting a bunch of things off the “to do” list and my boys just look forward to watching and helping Scott.

  • mark mccreary says:

    Scott is a true professional and can be relied upon for quality work. Highly recommended as he is definitely one who gives trades people a good name. Scott will be my next call for any work I need done.

  • Richard Wadland says:

    Scott arrived on time, and was personable and professional, thorough, confident and focussed. The task was completed with great detail and care. Highly recommended.

  • Dean C says:

    Scott arrived on time and we handed him a long list of projects that we needed done. He handled them all skillfully and quickly. It was a relief to get a bunch of stuff done that had been bugging us for a while.
    We are having him back and will continue to do so. Thanks!

  • Kim Sletten says:

    I am living disabled in a 1 bedroom condo. During the summer of 2015, I began refashioning my space to accommodate an improved environment… as I am unable to deal with the physical requirements, I found Scott after approaching two others. He understands and executes his work pleasantly in a skillfull manner.
    If you live in Richmond, Scott’s the man who can do the job.

  • Sandy Knowles says:

    I met Scott yesterday for the first time when he arrived, right on time, for our scheduled appointment. I had a list prepared and Scott installed my new garburator, repaired a badly damaged wall in my entranceway (and painted it!),
    sealed 2 bathtubs and 2 sets of shower doors and even serviced my garage doors! Scott is very knowledgeable, professional, and left everything spotless. I have a new best friend….thanks, Scott!

  • Yin Case says:

    Our old house has been through a few renovations, and for at least the past 10 years, Scott has been helping us diagnose and fix the little (sometimes very big) problems. His work, great attitude, and good cheer is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Scott!

  • ken cross says:

    thanks for installing the air conditioner scott. it has past a couple rain checks with no leaks and the management really likes the job you did, thank you. so next spring I hope you could do the same for my dinning room window.

    like mary in another post writes, “he is number for a reason.”

  • Dou Mok says:

    Our baseboard was damaged from my doggy training sessions and needed a touch up. Although it wasn’t a big job, Scott fit me into his schedule, came and patched everything up like new. Really thankful and appreciate the great work!

  • Murray L says:

    Scott was able to fit us into his schedule on short notice for a minor repair. During the repair, he also saved a Robin’s nest (and eggs) and built a new location for the nest. He modestly referred to the repair as a small job, but to the birds (and to us) it was a large job, as he came up with a creative solution which repaired the problem and saved the nest. Greatly appreciated, Scott.

  • mary gardner says:

    scott did a great job of co-ordinating his time…i had a list for him when he arrived and he knew

    exactly how long it would take to do all the jobs…..18 of them!!….he handled each job with skill and

    know how…he was very professional and didn’t miss anything….he really knows his stuff….

    he is number one for a reason!!!….

  • Chris W says:

    We recently used Scott’s services and vast knowledge & skills to complete some much needed bathroom and kitchen repairs. Scott was on time as promised and in no time had repaired a couple of awesome drywall patches and replaced a segment of sub-floor. On his next visit he helped finish off our bathroom with a toilet install and some other fixes and touch-ups.

    Scott’s work is First Class; he is honest and very personable and we could not be happier with the final results.

    We highly recommend Scott and his Handyman Services

  • Judy says:

    2 thumbs up!! Among other things, my bathtub had been leaking for quite some time and my
    plumber without even looking said that he had to tear my base apart (tile and all) to get into have a look. I called Scott and found him prompt, efficient and very personable. He actually took the faucet head apart, examined it and determined a piece needed to be replaced and that he was 100% certain. He immediately left to pickup the piece and returned to fix it! Wow, that’s service!! It hasn’t leaked since. Scott also answered questions thoroughly and explained in detail on other issues that I had. I highly recommend Scott and will definitely call him back. Thank you!

  • Tamara says:

    Professional, prompt, quick yet thorough, great attention to detail… I could go on. I had a list of handyman chores that needed doing. Scott didn’t just do what I knew needed doing. He noted a couple other small tasks that needed doing, such as a loose, leaking faucet, and got those done too! He is the real deal.

  • TanC says:

    Scott is a multi-talented, very skilled handyman. He is punctual, makes maximum use of his time and has a wealth of knowledge in many areas. Scott knows many tricks of many trades and he shares them with you. He attended to a list of deficiencies in my home on two occasions and I was more than pleased with his work. He is organized, neat and goes about the jobs he is asked to attend to in a very professional manner. On one of his visits to my home, he did everything from a bit of plastering to plumbing, a bit of electrical and everything in between. He did an awesome job of installing crown moldings for me!
    Scott enjoys his work and it shows in all areas of his craftsmanship!
    I would highly recommend Scott if you want the job done properly and thoroughly.

  • Agnes Lam says:

    Scott is a very professional handyman, he replaced all my old rubber hoses and old PVC connectors on all water appliances, included washing machine, dishwasher, bathroom sinks, toilets, kitchen sinks, etc.

    He is punctuate, tidy and clean, and reasonable pricing. I strongly recommend Scott to as your handyman.

  • Mark says:

    I recently had an excellent experience with Scott and would highly recommend him for handywork. He is clearly both passionate and dedicated to his work, along with being extremely knowledgeable. His pricing is also very fair.

    In our case, we called him for help with replacing a moldy baseboard in our bathroom. First, he gave me tips for reducing the cost by buying the replacement baseboard myself, and then he came over and just charged for basic labor time. Also, while he was at our apartment, he took it upon himself to fix a few other small things he noticed for no extra charge.

    All in all, he just seems like a genuine guy that takes pride in making a living by helping others out.

  • Joan says:

    Scott has solved yet another problem for us. He has rebuilt 3 oak louvered doors for our pool house, mechanical room and garage that were badly damaged by moisture. He figured out how to take them apart and rebuild them to withstand our winter weather and then arranged to have them painted with marine paint. They look terrific and saved us significant expense compared to purchasing new doors. Scott can repair anything and I am glad that I met him.

  • Julian Hannabuss says:

    Nobody’s mentioned how good Scott is at plastering ceilings ! The answer is … Very good indeed. Nice job, Scott!

  • Henry Choi says:

    Scott is an unbelievable handyman who takes pride in his work!
    If you are looking for someone who you can trust and rely on, Scott is that guy!
    He just recently installed my OTR Microwave and Dishwasher and I can honestly say that he did a fantastic job. I am very happy with the work the he did and will definitely be calling him in the near future to do some more work in my apartment.

    Thank you again Scott!

  • If you are looking for a handyman with an uncanny ability of skill and workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, who provides an honest and reliable service, and delivers an uncompromising commitment and guarantee of work, then look no further!

    Scott Belway is my uncle and I can honestly say my opinion is unbias. I have witnessed Scott perform his trades my whole life and now that myself am a home owner I have called upon Scott many times for projects and he never ceases to impress. Scott goes above and beyond, his work is flawless and he takes great pride in what he does. He is very knowledgable and takes the time to explain what he is doing and will happily answer your questions. I always know that anything Scott does will be done right.

    Once Scott built a custom wheelchair ramp for my daughter and we happened to ask him a random question about our fridge, turned out one simple suggestion he made ended up costing us only a few dollars for a new switch instead of potentially hundreds of dollars in service calls.

    I definately recommend Scott for any of your household projects, handyman work and woodwork. He is the real deal.

  • Connie Squire says:

    Finding Scott has been a dream come true. He is a very capable and honest person. He’s my “go-to”
    guy for all things on the home front.

  • chris murray says:

    Scott has done some general handy work for us. He is reliable, efficient and trustworthy. He takes pride in what he does and ensures that we are happy with what he has done before he packs his tools and leaves. On top of this he charges realistic prices for his work. I have no hesitation recommending Scott to anyone looking for quality work at fair prices.

  • Todd Klekner says:

    Scott is talented, honest and punctual – a really unique combination when working with tradespeople. We have used Scott’s services on a few different occasions on projects of widely differing scope, and have always found the result to be exemplary. I would recommend Scott for any project – big or small.

  • Janet S. says:

    Scott is a rare gem. Talented, reliable, super friendly and my dog loves him too! He worked his way diligently through my long list of repairs and unfinished projects. He built a beautiful cedar gate, installed pantry shelving, and fixed numerous small annoyances throughout my house. I recommend Scott without any hesitation.

  • S. and L. Lee says:

    My wife and I bought a house in Richmond just over 2 years ago and proceeded to remodel EVERYTHING. We’re experienced our fair share of contractors, tradespeople and handymen throughout this process and can say that for the most part, it has been positive. However, Scott takes it to a whole new level with his punctuality, professionalism and most importantly, skill in his craft. We were lucky to have him introduced to us by another handyman last year and have called him numerous times to help us with plumbing, electrical, woodwork and general odds and ends that come with an older house. He takes the time to explain the problems to us so that we understand them and walks us through the solutions instead of just fixing them. The workmanship is extremely high and there have been no problems since.

    I have no reservations about calling him exclusively for any future work that needs to be done in our home and highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.

  • Joan Grant says:

    Maintaining a 90 year old house has its challenges and we were accustomed to hearing that things couldn’t be fixed or that we had a big problem. Meeting Scott was a refreshing change – he can fix anything! We used to call an electrician or a plumber or carpenter – now we just call Scott and he is able to repair it all. He has completed a wide range of services for us and we have been very pleased with it all. Additionally, he has introduced us to other very good trades.
    Scott is prompt, organized, tidy, practical, efficient, reasonable and available. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Ralph Case says:

    Scott has done lots of jobs for us, everything from kitchen and bathroom repair to electrical and flooring. He is an excellent problem solver and very honest. His prices are fair and if something isn’t right he makes it right. A bonus is he is a great story teller…and boy does he have some interesting stories!!

  • Scott is a true professional. Having moved into an unfinished house, there were many jobs to be done. Scott provided advice and training so I could do some of the simpler jobs properly myself, and he took on the more challenging ones. One of these was to finish the stairs. We didn’t want carpeting, so we asked for the rough wood to be covered over with hardwood. Scott suggested we replace the old stairs with beautiful oak, and he was able to do so very cost-effectively. Several years later, the stairs are solid and creak-free.

    He is confidence-inspiring in his assessments, his estimates are reasonable and accurate, and his results are impressive.

  • Paul & Sherry Walden says:

    We have known Scott for many years and he has done numerous jobs for us.
    He is organized, prompt, multi-talented, smart and friendly.
    The job is done right the first time and always fairly priced.
    And when the work is done, if you offer him a coffee or a beer you will be treated to some
    interesting conversation. He is a great storyteller.

  • Frank Barazzuol says:

    I can only describe Scott and the work he does, in superlatives. He is gooood! Everything about him is simply the best. He is reliable, dependable, well organized, no nonsense, and gets right down to business. He is very knowledgeable and widely experienced in all the trades. His tools are terrific. I would not hesitate one instant, to recommend him for any handyman job you might have and know that you would be extremely happy with the results.

  • Peter Kwok says:

    Scott has always been reliable, does top quality work (large or small), and charges a reasonable rate. He is very experienced and therefore often comes up with creative solutions that work, which no one else can think of. I have absolutely no problem recommending him to anyone.

  • Chloe Broomhead says:

    Four years ago we moved into a house which badly needed a handyman! It was full of half- finished and badly done jobs, plus the usual renovations needed in an older home. Scott has renovated three bathrooms, replaced doors, mouldings and baseboard, installed ceilings and a large window sill, finished the dry-walling and completed a host of small jobs –all in a timely manner. What a pleasure it was to find someone who came when he said he would, paid great attention to detail, worked efficiently and listened to our needs. If you need a real handyman I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with Scott’s work- we were.
    Chloe B., Langley

  • Chiara T says:

    I cannot recommend Scott highly enough–it really is a pleasure dealing with a handyman who is professional, punctual, super neat, organized and able to fix absolutely anything. I have been amazed everytime we have used Scott by the variety of problems he can resolve. In a single visit to our home he repaired an oven that wasn’t working, fixed a huge crack in the drywall, replaced the baseboards in the kitchen and dealt with some electrical issues with our lighting. In only two hours, he dealt with every problem that we had been dreading dealing with for months! He comes prepared, works extremely fast and cleans as he goes. He really is a find.

  • Christopher Linklater says:

    While working as a professional painting contractor, I’ve had the pleasure of working along side Scott on several job sites. Scott brings great attention to detail, expertise, and a wealth of knowledge to every job he takes on. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends, family members, or anyone looking to get the job done right the first time, and at a very fair price.

  • Burton says:

    Have had the pleasure of working with Scott on several projects and have always found his work ethics and quality great.

  • Arlene Decaire says:

    Over the past 10 years, Scott has done a great deal of work for me, from cabinetry to plumbing. His work has always superseded my expectations both in quality and price. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any residential repair.

  • Christopher Snell says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Scott over the last five or six years. During this time he has taught me many things and helped me hone my own carpentry and repair skills. He is conscientious and hard working, taking a great deal of pride in his work. His job sites are always clean and organized and his work is top notch.

  • Tom C says:

    Scott converted my open den into a second bedroom by putting up a new wall. He also did some other work around my apartment such as installing new taps, electrical plugs, some painting, and minor repairs. He does great work at a very fair price. Equally important, he communicates well and has always been reliable and considerate to me. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

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