I guarantee all my work. If there is any problem with my workmanship I will come back and fix it for free. I have been delivering this promise to all my clients, for the past 15 years.

  • Hourly wage for my work: $80.00 per hour plus applicable taxes
  • Hourly wage for weekend (Saturday & Sunday): $120.00 per hour plus applicable taxes
  • 1 hour minimum charge
  • An additional charge of $10 per hour will be added on all work that requires the use of my workshop.
  • Full payment is due upon completion of work, cheques preferred.
  • A paid Invoice, and copy of material receipts will be sent to you by email within 2 weeks of payment.
Material Costs
  • The only charge I add to material costs, is the time it takes to go and pick them up.
  • I deliver all materials and receipts to the work site to be held by the client
  • I am more than happy to work with any materials you already have, as long as they are the proper materials for the job.